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Lis Rock spent her early childhood bouncing around the globe with her parents before finally settling in her mother's hometown of Hudson, Massachusetts at the age of 10. After a typically excruciating stint in Catholic School she fled for the wilds of Baltimore, Maryland where she majored in Photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Lis's work reflects the rock and roll aesthetic gleaned from her passions — loud live music, Kustom Kulture, urban decrepitude, carnivals, 70's Punk and Glam, tattoos, oddball beauty, and of course, kittens. Her method are stripped down, with photojournalistic leanings. She prefers to work with natural/available light and believes a little blur, a little imperfection lend realism to an image. Instead of capturing the person, place or thing in the image, she invites you to experience it with her.

She also makes one heck of a rack of ribs.

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